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ARSS' mission is to provide clients with tailor-made solutions to meet their specific needs in the creation and operation of franchise systems. The high standard and wide range of services provided, the unique competencies and qualifications of our consultants and the highest ethical standards of our business make us a leader in franchise consultancy.

ARSS stands for many years of experience, dozens of developed franchise offers, international awards and accolades.


Because franchising is our speciality. We have more than 20 years of experience in franchise consultancy. During this time, we have completed more than 200 complete projects related to the development and implementation of a franchise system in virtually every industry that is growing through franchising. As an external franchise department, we help our clients to implement the franchise system so that they can reduce the time and costs involved in launching a franchise offering.

Our practical experience in the area of building franchise systems, recruiting franchisees and the specifics of operating in a franchise, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the legal conditions pertaining to franchising, enables us to provide reliable consultancy in this area. The biggest franchisors in Poland have used our advisory services - check how we can help you in the field of franchising.

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Our services

We have been present on the franchise market in Poland and abroad for more than 20 years. As part of the consultancy services we provide, we offer individual solutions tailored to the specific characteristics of each client. The fact that franchising has no secrets for us is confirmed by the many awards and distinctions we have received, as well as by the fact that the largest franchisors in Poland have used our consultancy services.

Franchise consultancy

Development of a business model for the development of the franchise system

We prepare the most favourable business model and determine the best strategy for the development of the franchise network.

Management of the franchise system

We manage both smaller and larger franchise systems. We also demonstrate methods for optimising operations.

Preparation of complete franchise system documentation

We prepare the franchise agreement, operations manual and full recruitment and marketing documentation.

Support for overseas expansion

We develop master licence documentation for Polish systems developing abroad. We advise on how to manage an international franchise network.

External franchise department

Optimised development of a franchise network requires a skilful recruitment process for franchisees. Thanks to our consultancy, you will learn what to pay attention to during the recruitment process and which franchisees to accept into the franchise network.

Preparation of marketing and recruitment documentation

We prepare the necessary documentation to ensure that you achieve all your marketing and recruitment objectives.

Handling the recruitment process for franchisees

Based on the development strategy developed and the documentation prepared, we handle the full recruitment process for franchisee candidates.

Measures to support recruitment

With the support of our franchise media, we implement advertising and communication activities to support the franchisee recruitment process.

We provide our clients with comprehensive advice covering all legal issues related to the drafting and negotiation of franchise agreements.

Franchise legal advice

Representation of franchisors and franchisees in negotiations

During negotiations, we represent franchisors or franchisees with a view to the development of the franchise network and the successful cooperation between franchisor and franchisee.

Documentation audits

We carry out detailed audits of franchise documentation, advising on what changes need to be made so that the franchise system develops smoothly.

Development and analysis of franchise agreements

We deal with the drafting and legal analysis of franchise agreements governing the cooperation between franchisor and franchisee.

Mediation and dispute resolution

We participate in the mediation and resolution of disputes arising in the course of the cooperation between the franchisor and its franchisees.

Our customers

Franchise media

ARSS is the publisher of the portal Franczyza w Polsce and the magazine Franczyza & Biznes, which are reliable and independent sources of information on the franchise market in Poland. In our media we publish information on new franchise offers, analytical articles and detailed reports on the condition of the Polish franchise market, as well as advice for people looking for a proven business idea.

Franczyza & Biznes magazine is over 100 pages of information and advice on franchising. We have been publishing the bi-monthly magazine continuously since 2013.

Advertising your franchise offer in our media is an effective method of attracting franchisees.


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Business development through franchising

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Franchising - a way to own your own business

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