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Agricultural, horticultural, machinery manufacturers

Grene is the largest chain of agricultural and technical shops in Poland, which was born on the basis of traditional AGROMA outlets. It is owned by the Kramp company, the largest European supplier of spare parts for the agricultural and horticultural industry and machine manufacturers. Grene's offer is one of the few on the market that successfully develops in small towns or even villages. This is due to the profile of the shop's activity, which is mainly focused on a comprehensive supply of spare parts for machines and tractors, batteries, tyres, power hydraulics, power transmission, consumables, clothing, footwear, zootechnics, but also accessories to meet the needs of allotment holders or homeowners. At present, the chain has almost 170 shops, of which almost 100 operate on the basis of a stable, effective and profitable franchise model.


  • Operational audit of own shops
  • Operations manual
  • Franchise agreement
  • Financial model for a franchise outlet
  • Marketing documentation
  • Recruitment documentation
  • Network development plan
  • Communication strategy and marketing of the franchise offer
  • Recruitment of franchisees
  • Managing the development of the franchise network
  • Legal support for the sales process of the franchise offer
  • Strategic advice on the development of the franchise network
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